Friday, February 17, 2012

Shirtless at Checkers

A while back I was driving by a Checkers restaurant and saw a guy outside hosing down the tables and chairs with his shirt off. It looked like they were closed and he was cleaning up. I think that is pretty awesome that they apparently let him work shirtless. I mean, it is after hours and working outside, so why not?

I wonder if they are as open with the customers? It seems like it makes good sense for them to welcome shirtless guests. I'm not suggesting every restaurant should have a "no shirt, no problem" policy, but for a certain niche, restaurants like Checkers, Rally's, Sonic, etc, where you are served and eat outside, it makes sense. I bet it would appeal to guys who work outdoors, or who have been out swimming, jogging, etc. It would be convenient if you are sweaty from working outdoors and need to grab a quick lunch without taking the time to wash up, or when you have been enjoying a day out in the sun and just want to keep soaking in the rays while you enjoy your meal at picnic table or in your own car. I can't see why it would be offensive, we see people eating shirtless at beaches, pools, and parks all the time, and it's pretty much the same thing. Does anyone have experience visiting this type of restaurant shirtless, or have you noticed other patrons there shirtless? We would love it if you would share your experiences in the comments, or send any pictures you would like to share to