Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rain or Shine

Just getting out in the park on a sunny day is a great chance to experience shirtless freedom. Lots of guys tend to run and play sports shirtless in the park. It's a good chance to get some exercise, sun light (which makes vitamin D and lifts your mood), and build camaraderie.

Of course, rain is also a great excuse to get out and have fun in just your swim trunks!


  1. hey! I just wanted to say that I am a guy who loves the idea of being shirtless in a park, if not just to walk around and enjoy the sun. I've wanted to feel free enough to do whatever the heck I wanted, after all, it's not even a big deal right? Unfortunately I'm nervous about what people think and really shouldn't be. I found your rain or shine article and it's empowered my confidence to take the freedom we have as man. So thanks for taking the time to post this for myself and others who need a bit of encouragement.

  2. I struggled with this issue for years. Now being comfortable running shirtless, I now walk the dog shirtless to the park. One day there was a woman taking photos of her daughter in the park in her homecoming dress, she walked up to me and said hello sir, my daughter needs a date for homecoming. Even running shirtless other runners say hi or whats up. One guy once said, that time of year huh. I never thought going without a shirt would make people want to talk to me, I enjoy it. Nobody ever has ever said anything rude.