Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wrestling Around

One of guys' favorite past-times is wrestling around with their friends. Even for guys who don't wrestle as athletes on a team, it just seems to come naturally. From early childhood, little boys will wrestle around playfully in the floor. They love to wrestle with Dad in the living room, wrestle their friends at play time. And it continues at least through the college years. Even some grown men continue to wrestle around with each other on occasion. And Dads will wrestle their sons, passing on the tradition.

It also just seems to come naturally for guys to pull off their shirts when they wrestle. I suppose this could be an additional argument in favor of a shirtless uniform option for wrestlers. I'm sure you've noticed this, I've even seen girls ask, "Why is that guys always have to pull off their shirts to wrestle or fight?" For us guys, it just seems natural.

Guys often wrestle around shirtless with each other around the house or dorm,

in the yard,

or even in the park or a field.

If you've ever been nervous about wrestling around with your friends, or pulling your shirt off, go ahead and give it a try. It's natural. And it's a lot of fun. It's not all about winning or losing, just give it a good try and have fun. It's a bonding experience. So pull your shirt off, throw your friends around a bit, and have a good time!


  1. Here, I want to get some some interaction from my readers. Why do you think guys feel compelled to peel off their shirts to wrestle? Why do we share this common urge? Share your thoughts, ideas, and ponderings.

  2. It's so natural. When we had fights at school/outside school our shirts came off, girls didn't need to offer encouragement. You just stripped off, it's far more manly and it also meant you didn't muck your shirt up too!

  3. You've got to remove your top to wrestle! When I was 10 I was encouraged by parent to go to privately arranged wrestling fights to help me stand up for myself. Newcomers could choose either to go shirtless or wear t-shirt or a vest. All the regulars all went shirtless. shirt or vest. Being a little shy I chose to wear a vest when I first went in the ring but ended up taking it off at the end of the first round and went barechested from then on.

  4. I agree with what you say totally - I wasn't confident about going shirtless when at school, but I sure made up for it in my twenties - (perhaps the wrestling idea is different here in Britain, and being a loner without brothers didn't help). I am really pleased you speak out confidently about this shirtless subject - I feel as you do, and support you completely.

  5. The wrestling fights have helped me so much and really given me a lot of confidence. I now don't mind when our teacher tells me to go shirtless during PE lessons especially when the girls are watching.

  6. We had to wear singlets in high school matches but in practice, my HS wrestling coach wanted his men to grapple shirtless. He felt shirts just get in the way and he was right. We loved the freedom too, drilled until the sweat dripped and coach himself always got barechested along with us, I think he liked showing off and acting as a male role model. Never forget that whistle hanging off thick deep massive hairy chest and his service tats on his delts and guns.
    When I was in the service I used to love a good fight stripped down with chicks watching us on the beach or the park or whereever. Let em see who the men are and they fall into your lap.

  7. Hi,If someone between 18 and 35 years and 55-80 kg and 155-180 cm can come to Croatia (I know that's so far away,but...) we shall wrestle shirtless all the