Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Precedent for Shirtless Wrestling Uniforms

With wrestling season starting back up, it's a good time to start pushing for a shirtless uniform option again. So, I'd like to present some further arguments in favor of a shirtless wrestling uniform, based on current precedent.

There is currently no requirement for guys to keep their shirts on or singlets up at wrestling tournaments. Wrestlers are frequently seen on the sidelines with their singlets peeled down to the waist.

Wrestling teams frequently have their team pictures taken shirtless.

Shirtless team pictures are even common on official publications, posters, banners, websites, etc.

Wrestlers frequently train shirtless as well. Body contact while wrestling isn't really an issue, as guys often wrestle each other shirtless in training, as well as engaging in non-contact training shirtless.

So why shouldn't wrestlers be able to get on the mat shirtless in shorts or trunks if they want to? For more reasons supporting a shirtless wrestling uniform, see my previous post Wrestling. If you really want to see shirtless uniform options approved, talk to your coach and see Petitioning for a Shirtless Wrestling Uniform Option.


  1. I agree. My workout buddies often weight train at local gym shirtless. Without AC, it get pretty warm in the summer, so the freedom to train shirtless helps us from getting overheated.

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  5. World Cup and Olympics wrestlers used to wrestle practically shirtless. Presumably the singlet wouldn't pull down below the hips, or possibly another form of team i.d.

    Another argument would be to protect the skin from abrasions on the mat. Still another would be preventing transmission of a skin infection such as impetigo which is highly contagious. Of course that could happen even wearing a singlet. Proper disinfection should prevent this.

    Sweat is another argument, but that is just a part of competition which shouldn't be avoided in any form of wrestling.