Saturday, February 8, 2014


While dance is often thought of as a feminine activity, the fact is that it can be great for guys, too. Dancing can be quite masculine and athletic and it actually presents another good opportunity for guys to go shirtless. Going shirtless in intense training can serve the same purposes as in any sport, it helps keep you cool and comfortable. But in performance, it can also serve to highlight the human body as art. Not simply the body, but all of the motion, the skill and athletic prowess of the dancer can be seen more clearly. It is both an athletic event and an art form. The skill, strength, and agility displayed by dancers is truly impressive.

It is certainly not necessary for guys to go shirtless for dance to be enjoyed both as an activity to be performed and as a art to be observed, but it also does not detract from and may even enhance it. If you are a guy who is interested in dance, but afraid it's too girly (or something to that effect), don't worry. Get involved, train hard, and enjoy it! It's as good a sport as any. And if a performance calls for you to go shirtless, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable about it, it can be a positive and freeing experience. If you are organizing a dance group, there is no need to shy away from shirtless performances. It's entirely wholesome and decent, it's art and it is both popular and traditional for guys to perform shirtless.

Males in ballet often train and perform shirtless.

But it's not just ballet, many forms of dance often call for male dancers to perform shirtless. I was a fan of Live to Dance, and some of my favorite acts included White Tree Fine Art, Dance Town Chaos, and Twitch, all of which performed shirtless at some point.

White Tree Fine Art

Dance Town Chaos


When male dancers perform shirtless, it's not some risqué display of flesh, rather it accentuates the art and athleticism in a wholesome way. It encourages a positive body image and can be part of a positive experience for both the performer and the audience. Besides promoting acceptance of shirtlessness, I also want to encourage guys to participate in dance. If it's something you are interested, you shouldn't let what anyone else thinks deter you.

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